What is Digital Branding

While you may not be familiar with the term “Digital Branding,” you are very familiar with its presence and probably use it every day. Every business has a “Digital Brand” whether or not they have participated in creating it. The confluence of online data, digital conversations and multiple channels for communication now defines every company and, in many cases, most individuals.

How it impacts you

The conclusions drawn by those that review your Digital Brand can impact many aspects of life. New business, lending and insurance underwriting, social opportunities and potential new employees are all evaluating if, how and when they choose to connect with you. These strategies will present you as you want to be known, as well as, diminish aspects of your online content that detract from your Digital Brand.

That is where we come in

3Ci crafts strategies that present you and your business in the most favorable light through the positioning of online content, management and monitoring of important websites, web analytics, online review sites, professional directories, public records information, evaluation of derogatory information and images and implementation of defined tactics.